Double Ott Buckshot

30-Ott-6 x Fully Armed

After taking to Deb about the exact ram I was looking for, she sent me these pictures, and I was sold! The extension, profile and sheer attractiveness that he brings to the table was enough! Now add the bone and shag and everybody is happy. Thanks again to Brad and Deb Ott for selling us half interest.

Hillbilly Rock

Rockabilly x E1 x Power Dunk Marcantel

Mighty Whitey

Casino x Slack.
2014 Champion Dorset Ram Mid West Elite from Leader Dorsets.

Another Photo of Might Whitey



Hardcore Driller X 5174 Composure the dam of Swamp Donkey, Advantage, Cat Daddy
We want to thank Ellerbrocks, Allred/Elliott, and Donnie Begalka for the opportunity to purchase Driller.
Wow! What else do you say when you get a chance to breed these genetics into your herd. Look for his lambs in 2013! 


  Intervention Homer(NotoriusXBarron)
Wannabe(Masterpiece grandson)
  BLT(Bott) Wildcard

<Photo of Intervention

Chickasha - FOR SALE

He is a 'Nick' son bred by Ott's.


Thanks J&J Show Lambs for selling Chickasha to us.

Reference Sires

Chain Reaction

Karma x 1326 Wannabe

Thank you J&J Show Lambs for parting with this stud ewe bred to karma. We put a lot of faith on the female side and this Maria daughter was one line we have went after and we knew this mating would work and Chain Reaction is the proof. Keep on the lookout for his sons and daughters to keep this Chain Reaction going in our flock and the Pilsons flock!

Captain Hook

  genesis warrior
captain hook
  sickels 99-146 nichols 44 nichols 32
nichols 612
sickels 92-149 clean genes 88-81
sickels 86-1


  rising son (Greiner) edge
  22521-1 casino(Jeff miller)
ted greiner ewe

Grand Champion Ram
2008 Blackford Co.(IN)

WF Club Lambs

Matthew & Kelly Willmann
7681 E - 100 S
Hartford City, IN 47348